Restrooms have some key hot spots that can lead to sustained complaints if not addressed properly. Here are five of them.

1. Strong urine odor in men’s restroom, which is due to many factors. One could be using the wrong chemicals. Make sure workers are cleaning splash areas around the urinal walls and partitions each and every night.

2. Soiled sanitary napkin boxes in women’s restroom. Make sure to either provide paper/plastic bags or simply clean and disinfect the box nightly.

3. Build-up around faucet base due to inadequate cleaning. Some areas of the country have a higher mineral content than other areas, but in other cases, it can simply be due to the worker not taking the time to clean around the faucets, which can result in soap build-up.

4. Very dusty air vents, partition tops and even walls. This should be addressed by regularly scheduled quadrant cleaning. Consider using a backpack vacuum with appropriate hose tips to clean these areas.

5. Floor grout discoloration — especially around urinals. This is due to factors such as using a dirty mop, dirty solution and perhaps the wrong chemicals. Consider using a clean microfiber mop, always clean solution and identifying the most effective product for the grout lines. The best way of keeping grout and ceramic tile clean and odor-free is to rotate the chemicals used to attack regular soils, as well as urine before it accumulates and becomes more difficult to remove. Realizing that grout is porous sand that needs to be cleaned and sealed is very important if odors are to be controlled in a restroom.