smudgey phone screen

Your phone may be a lot more dangerous than you think it is. You may not know this but your phone may just have the most germs of all the things you touch in your daily routine.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell you that one statistic about your phone having more germs than a toilet seat. It’s very true, but there’s much more to it than that.

Taking a statistic like that has some shock value but doesn’t resonate with you for very long (at least not for me). When you think about it on a deeper level you start to realize how impactful that could be on your day-to-day. The average person touches their phone over 2,000 times a day.

Maybe you are one of those people that wash their hands regularly but what about your phone? How often do you take the time to disinfect your phone?

Let’s go one step further and talk about more of our tech, what about your laptop, watch, headphones, glasses….. and so on.  There are so many things we overlook on a daily basis that could potentially have more germs than some of the other things we normally obsess over.

We offer solutions that aim to disinfect your office space, but we don’t have anything that helps to disinfect your devices… yet! Maybe we will! In the meantime, this recommendation might come in handy.

Woosh is a tech hygiene company that produces cleaners specifically designed to be used on your tech. In fact, they are the reason the display devices in Apple stores around the world are so clean.