Watch us tackle this huge epoxy flooring project featuring Protective Industrial Polymers Epoxy Mortar. A job like this requires multiple long-hour days to get the job done.  Epoxy mortar is a reinforced coating application that adds a 1/4″ of troweled coating to your floor. Although there are more steps to this process, it makes for a more durable and long-lasting finished product. This system is designed to restore old concrete with minor damage by creating a dense protective layer. Suited for industrial applications where a compacted epoxy mortar is specified.

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Day 1

The first day on the job is spent only doing prep work for the top coat. Before you can lay this type of epoxy floor you first must clean the surface before laying the primer down. After the floor is clean and degreased you can now prime the concrete with a binder.  Different flooring systems require different types of prep work, if you want to know more about a specific system you can contact us or PIP.

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Day 2

In this project, you will see our team diamond grinding the primed surface to ensure that the epoxy flooring will bond properly to the binder. We have machines we use specifically for this step that makes the process go by much faster than using a hand grinder.  Once the grinding process is complete we can finally start to lay down our epoxy top coat.

This time-lapse effectively shows the steps that highlight the key to reliably install an epoxy mortar floor that will stand up to the abuse you will find in a manufacturing facility like this one.  This is just one example of the several different products we can install.