Over the past 2 years, we have been looking for a business that aligns with the qualities we already have instilled in our growing business here in Bradford Pennsylvania. We have searched for business acquisitions all along the east coast, but once we met our new friends at Rugby Commercial Cleaning we knew our search was over. As of January, we are very proud to welcome Rugby and the entire team to our family here at B&T Building Services.

Rugby Commercial Cleaning is based out of Orlando Florida. The Company was founded in 2009 after the owner Darrell had wanted to start his own business. After 10 years of business, they have managed to grow their team into the most hard-working and charismatic people we have ever met. Very shortly after the official announcement to both companies about our new partnership some of us went down to Florida to start bringing our two organizations together. Although this transition has been quite the change, it has been a change for the better!


“Over the last 5 years, our goal as a company is to grow and service more customers, while building more long-term relationships with our team members. During the last 5 years, we’ve been growing organically thanks to our awesome team members. Part of our long-term strategy is to grow both organically and through acquisitions. Over the past 2 years, we’ve been working with a company to help us find another great janitorial company like ours.” -Matt Teribery
After a few short months, we have gotten to know each other quite well and have come to find many similarities in our teams. We are incredibly lucky to have found a group of people that share the same values that we have been working to instill into our team members. We are very pleased to have met the perfect fit and are very happy to bring our two companies together and look forward to growing both of our organizations together. Rugby Commercial Cleaning is exactly what our organization set out to find, so with that, we say cheers to a new beginning as one big family!