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Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning is different for everyone. The needs of every building are different and that’s why we are flexible to meet the needs of what you are looking for. With that in mind, routine cleaning typically consists of these basic services, but at the same time is not limited to what you see below.

routine vacuuming


We use industrial-grade vacuums that are able to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

routine sweeping


Sweeping high traffic area is important, and so are the tight corners where dust likes to settle.

routine mopping


Mopping regularly keeps your floor looking clean and new for years to come. This is a simple but overlooked task.

cleaning soultion


People often confuse disinfecting with sanitizing. They are not the same! We use disinfectants that sterilize viruses.

routine trash removal

Garbage Removal

Let us heave that nasty garbage into the dumpster, there’s no need for you to get your hands dirty.

routine bathroom cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

Keeping your restroom clean is a job no one wants to do. Let us take care of that for you.

What makes our routine cleaning special

Eco Friendly

All of our products that we use are Eco Friendly and good for the environment.


We use a top down cleaning approach which moves all dust and dirt from the highest locations down to the floor where it can be adequately removed.


We utilize quality control software that allows us to keep a close eye on what is and isn’t being done to ensure the job is being done to the best of our ability.

Locally Operated

We bring in people from your area not only to create local work for the community but also to ensure we have team members in close proximity to your facility.

Safe & Well Trained

Our employees are trained according to Cleaning Industry Training Standards (CITS), OSHA Standards, GHS Hazard Communication and SDS Sheet Identification.

Verified & Prooven

We are an ISNetworld and Avetta verified contractor with an A rating.

Our Purpose

We exist as an organization to improve the lives of our team members and the communities we serve in. Everything we do revolves around fulfilling this purpose.

Client Testimonials

“B&T Contactor’s have been taking care of the custodial and cleaning activities at Alstom Transportation. As everyone is well aware this has been a very challenging time when it comes to cleaning. B&T has been very responsive giving Alstom great service and adapting as the need to keep the Plants clean and Sanitized. They have gone above and beyond in every way. Their quick response time and thorough efforts have been wonderful. I would recommend B&T to any Facility that is looking for a responsive, responsible service.”

“Our agency has been extremely satisfied customers of B&T Contractors since September 2018. Walt actively communicates any problems or concerns he comes across while on the job. Making sure we have supplies on hand; he is always dependable and thorough in his work. Walt goes above and beyond to make sure we have the best service. I highly recommend this customer-centered company for your cleaning needs!”

What’s the word on the street?