For some time now we have been working behind the scenes to get our name changed. Although we are technically contractors, we are far from the kind most people think of when they hear the name. A lot of times we get a phone call here at the office asking if we do home remodels, if we can provide building supplies for projects, or if we’d like to look at a construction job. Looking back it’s very laughable, but getting calls like that every other day gets a little old. With this new name, our goal is to give people a better idea of who we are and what we actually do.

As a building maintenance provider, we provide services that revolve around your cleaning and janitorial needs. We also offer concrete coatings for industrial environments. We feel that the services we offer can all fall under this new name considering everything we do is to help your building either be cleaner, safer, or look better.  There are many other businesses in our industry that have more clear names such as this, so hopefully, we will be identified with our peer businesses. With this new name, we have also decided to change our identity as a brand with a refreshed logo as well as a fresh new website design!

B&T Building Services Official logo


If you still have anything with our old name on it don’t worry! We have taken care of things to make sure everything stays the same on your end, both as a customer and as a team member. Our old website will redirect you to our new site. If you are a customer or vendor of ours you don’t have to worry about changing any billing information either.